Taryn Keller

Board Member

As you meet Taryn Keller, Board Member of Help I Need Transportation (H.I.N.T.) you will immediately sense why her advice and opinions are sought-after by family, friends, and colleagues. Although Taryn came from humble beginnings, her professionalism, drive, confidence, and business savvy have carried her far. “My mom divorced, and she and I moved to Ohio when I was quite young. So, I was raised by a single-mom and although she worked three jobs, there was a period when we did not have a car.”

Taryn graduated from Walden University with her Master’s in Science and Nursing (MSN) in 2019. A history of dedication and compassionate patient care is the theme throughout Taryn’s professional career. Currently, as a Board-Certified Registered Nurse and a Family Nurse Practitioner at O.S.U. Hospital, she sees patients when they are at the most vulnerable time in their life.

“Working in Hospitals and Free-Standing Emergency Departments has consumed the last 10 years of my Nursing career. Prior, I ran three Dental Offices which all served low-income, government assisted patients. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for providing care to ‘underserved’ populations.” Taryn understands how the vicious cycle of not having transportation makes life more difficult. She empathizes, knowing that it can cascade into losing one’s independence and livelihood.

Tayrn and husband, Dustin Keller--Owner of Alpha Automotive and Co-Founder of H.I.N.T.--have witnessed hundreds who enter this vortex and cannot find a way out. Tayrn sees it every day through her patients who had ‘just one thing happen’ and now--they can’t get to work, they are isolated or they can’t get to doctors’ appointments. Consequently, their health suffers as a result. Dustin sees it through customers who cannot pay for auto repair services and are forced to make the difficult choice to cancel the repairs or abandon their vehicle. So, Taryn and Dustin decided to do something about it!

H.I.N.T. was formed in March 2021 and actively began in April 2022, to provide free auto repairs and to gift vehicles. To date, they have provided $12,000 worth of free repair services and have gifted 4 cars. “Dustin has always been gracious to others by discounting auto repairs services and doing his best to assist those who are in extremely difficult financial situations. He has been blessing others for a decade, years before H.I.N.T. was created or officially started.”

As a Board Member of H.I.N.T. Taryn is a driving force behind challenging others to think differently, generate ideas, and create ways to raise funds. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of people they are able to impact. “As we provide free auto repair or vehicles, the number one response we always receive is ‘Thank-You! You have changed my life!’ Time after time, we hear—‘I have been stuck and I lost my independence. But now, thanks to you, I can take control of my life again.’”

Taryn Keller is steadfast and dedicated to anyone or anything that she puts her mind to. She is intentional when it comes to listening to people, hearing people, seeing people, and ultimately helping people. Her journey through life has blossomed into her family, education and career which she is extremely proud of and feels blessed to have every day. Taryn is constantly instilling in her children a phrase that everyone needs to remember—‘Be Humble and Be a Good Human.’

Amy Adams

Board Member

When you meet Amy Adams, Board Member with Help I Need Transportation (H.I.N.T.) it will be obvious that she is professional, articulate, and successful, yet operates from a humble heart. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Amy was intrigued to understand what motivates people and what makes them tick. Therefore, she attended 2 Universities and earned 3 Degrees on her quest to answer that question. Amy earned an Associate of Arts from Columbus State along with a Bachelor of Applied Psychology and Master’s in Business Psychology, both from Franklin University.

Currently, as an Operations Manager with Nationwide Insurance, she earned her Series 6 and Series 26 Licenses in 2014 and 2016, respectively. “Although I have been with Nationwide for 17 years, and supervise 20 Associates, I am always challenging myself to grow and achieve the next milestone. “As Albert Einstein said, ‘If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.’” As Amy advances to each new next level in her career, her bosses view it as bittersweet. On one hand they are excited for her, yet on the other hand, they are sorry that she is leaving their team.

In 2022, Amy’s Father introduced her to Dustin Keller, Co-Founder of H.I.N.T. “My Dad worked in the Auto Repair Industry his entire life, and he introduced me to Dustin.” Because of Amy’s upbringing in/around her Dad’s shoppe, she understands the critical importance of reliable and safe transportation. “It is important to give back to the community and though H.I.N.T. individuals and families in need are able to receive the auto repair services which they cannot afford. Without transportation, their ability to get back on their feet is hindered, as the bus line doesn’t go everywhere.” H.I.N.T. has an application process and needs are reviewed by the Board. Unfortunately, at this stage, the Board is unable to approve everyone they want to help, as they do not have the funding to do so.

“My passions include planning marketing strategies, outreach, and events, such as fundraisers. We are positioned to host Quarterly events which include silent auctions. The purpose is to increase our presence and raise money so we can help more and more families, year-over-year, receive free auto repair services or possibly a ‘new’ vehicle. The outcome is tremendously rewarding and the effect on another person is life changing.”

Throughout Amy’s career at Nationwide, she demonstrates her philanthropic character as Co-Chair of Community Giving, Hunger Relief Captain, and through leading volunteer teams to serve at Ronald McDonald House and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. She also serves at Nationwide as a Mentor, as a Future-Ready Leader and on the Diversity and Inclusion Business Unit Council. Outside of Nationwide, Amy makes the time to volunteer at Furniture Bank, United Way, and Adopt-A-Family.

One of Amy’s favorite books is Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell. The book talks about how one copes with the hand they were delt. So even those with humble beginnings or those who are struggling can change their future. The biggest factor is their mindset. As a Board Member at H.I.N.T., Amy Adams brings her leadership skills, ambition, positive mindset, natural charisma, and generous spirit to the table. “It feels good to help others.”